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Dominique Layt has Board and Committee experience, over 30 years as an executive risk and financial services specialist with particular expertise in governance, risk and compliance, enterprise risk management, strategic planning, disruptive strategy, customer strategy/ experience/retention and people development. She is based in Brisbane, Queensland.

The variety and depth of roles she has held during her career has given her a detailed understanding of business operations. She has led governance, risk and compliance, strategy, marketing and communications and operations teams as well as customer insights and retention for an ASX 20 company. She also has formal qualifications in governance, management, disruptive strategy, human resource management, financial services and project management.


Dominique worked in strategy during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) before setting up risk management at an ASX top 20 financial services company. During the Queensland Floods in 2011 she was the Acting Chief Risk Officer managing business continuity, customers in hardship and a workforce that were operating from their homes.

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