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Coaching & Mentoring

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The Value of Coaching and Mentoring

Gain insights that will help you succeed

  • Mentors and coaches can offer insight into challenging career situations, why your career may have plateaued and provide support and guidance.


As your coach I can give a different perspective about situations that have occurred and coaching on what could work better next time.  I will encourage you to reflect and learn so you build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. 

I will push you out of your comfort zone because to grow requires the courage to face vulnerabilities and overcome fear and self-doubt. 

I have mentoring and coached hundreds of people over my 30 year career in financial services. In my experience one of the greatest obstacles people face to career success is overcoming self-doubt. 

Together we will build clarity on:

  •  your core values and drivers
  • your career goals
  • the obstacles currently hampering your achievements
  • identify the skills mix of your Personal Board
  • identify who should be on your Personal Board and how you fill those seats
  • your weekly and monthly proactive career activities