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Become a Life-Changing Leader

‘You have everything it takes to be a leader.’ Dominique Layt

What makes for an exceptional leader in organisations today? Do you truly know what it takes to lead a team? Do you know what works and what doesn’t?

Many leaders find themselves in leadership positions without knowing what’s really expected of them.

They are often promoted into leadership roles because of their exemplary technical skills, yet never had the opportunity to develop their people-management skills.

To become an effective leader, leaders must first understand how to follow. They must also be open to adapt their approach so they aren’t locked into techniques that no longer work in an ever-changing environment.

Self-awareness, resilience, vulnerability and time-management skills are critical to effective leadership, as are many other, often veiled, factors.

With over thirty years’ experience in leading teams, Ms Layt guides both new and experienced leaders to reflect on their weaknesses and develop their strengths.

Expertly weaving professional anecdotes with proven leadership strategies, Dominique Layt inspires all leaders, regardless of profession, to take their leadership skills to new heights.

‘Whether you lead a small team or whole division, this book gives you everything you need to know to build and lead a high performing team to success. Become a Life-Changing Leader is like having a little leadership coach sitting on your shoulder. It’s a great reference point to when situations can be challenging and is the go-to toolkit for modern leadership.’


Peta Tilse

‘I am privileged to have worked closely with Dom during my career, and her guidance along the way was invaluable in helping me create my own leadership style. It is very clear that her authentic voice rings true on every page of this amazing read, which makes it easy to relate to your own experience. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in on your leadership journey, this book definitely shares advice that will truly speak to you. And as Dom says, ”When you believe in your abilities, you find it easy to move with the cheese!”’

Jo Krenske

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