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Cooper Ashleigh Enterprises is named after Dominique’s two children. Cooper, her son, was still born in 2010 and her daughter Ashleigh was born in 2012.

Dominique Layt believes authentic leadership is the key to success in any role. She is able to link strategy to tactical actions and ensure team members have clarity of purpose, vision and understand their contribution to the strategic objectives. She is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time is grounded in factual insights and information that inform the business. 

Dominique is respected as a credible voice in decision making, is outcome focused ensuring delivery is efficient, effective and strategically aligned, and she earns a seat at the table wherever she serves. 

With a lengthy history of mentoring and coaching others to build their careers and self-confidence, Dominique has role modelled servant and authentic leadership throughout her career.


Dominique has over 30 years of experience in financial services at three ASX top 20 companies. She holds an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland, a Certificate in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business Online, a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, is qualified in Project Management, is a Fellow of  the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and is a Chartered Manager of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.  

Since 2019 Dominique has transitioned into a portfolio of work including Non Executive Director roles, Partner in a the Profit-for-Purpose start-up The Impact Suite and founded Brisbane Web Design Agency which provides professional website support in Brisbane.

Feedback & Reviews

“Superb service and their advice was well thought and very holistic. Thank you”

Maribel Reyna-Cruz

Founder, Viva CX Insights

Dominique is very focused and highly motivated individual. She has taken on this role with great enthusiasm and commitment. Dominique is outcome focused and always ensures delivery is efficient, effective and strategically aligned. From a people perspective, Dominique is highly respected by her staff, peers and fellow General Managers.

Warren Pavey

Executive General Manager, Suncorp

Dominique is widely regarded as being proactive, articluate and delivers on commitments. She is known as a high performer who could deliver above expectation results from her excellent analytical ability and skill at getting the best from others.

Stephanie Elton

General Manager, Nab

What Can I Do for You?

Let me bring my experience to help your organisation solve problems or maximise opportunities.

I’m an experience general manager who specialises in strategy, governance, risk management and customer experience. I am located in Brisbane, Queensland.

I am able to assess high-level business issues objectively and take a holistic view of specific problems and opportunities so I can give your advice on how best to approach them. Being independent of your organisation allows me to have fresh eyes and often see things those working in the business daily do not notice.

I’ve worked with ASX top 20 listed organisations, not-for-profits and charities and start-ups. My ability to operate strategically and realistically for the capacity and capability of each organisation is one of my strengths.

My Masters degree and Harvard Disruptive Strategy training, coupled with years of hands on experience, allows me to work with management theory and practice to develop solutions which can be operationalised.

I can help you to manage your risks and/or develop your strategy.

My clients are often frustrated by the effort it takes to establish the right enterprise risk management framework or business strategy for their organisation. They either do not have the time to develop their governance framework and policies or develop a business plan. I eliminate the need for you to take time away from your day to day business. With a proven track record over three decades I provide solutions that work. While you focus on your operations I will use my skills and experience as a consultant to develop what you need to manage risks and/or develop your strategy.

Need Advice?

Not sure what you need or how I can help? As a management consultant I consult on a broad range of activities. Let’s discuss what you are wanting to achieve and how I can help you.

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